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Toe Injuries

Injuries to the toes usually occur because we stub our toes against something, or an object drops on our toes. The result is usually a swollen, painful, and "black and blue" toe. Occasionally the toe will bleed at the site of the injury. These symptoms can occur immediately, or several hours after the injury. If you have diabetes, poor circulation, bleeding disorders, or other generalized diseases, you should see a doctor immediately, or go to the emergency room. Some diseases make even minor injuries very dangerous. If you are in good health, and sustain a toe injury then please continue reading.


What kind of toe injury are you suffering from?
Toe injuries WITHOUT an open wound or bleeding
Bruised Toes
Click here if you are suffering from a foot injury.
Toe injuries WITH an open wound or bleeding
Lacerated, cut, or bleeding toes
Discolored, bleeding, or loose toenails
Click here if you are suffering from a foot injury.

If you are not suffering from a toe injury:

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