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Knee, Hip, and Lower Back Pain

When a building's foundation is weak or unstable, the upper stories become unstable as well and suffer. So it is with your feet. If the structure of your feet is abnormal and weak, the knee, hip, and lower back may eventually become misaligned and painful.

Custom-made foot orthotics re-establish normal alignment of the feet; support the feet, reducing weakness; and relieve stress and pain in the knees, hips, and lower back. If you have had no relief from your physician, nor from painful injections, nor from expensive back braces, then you are a candidate for custom-made orthotics. Click here to learn more about how custom-made orthotics can help eliminate back pain.

Orthotics will not only provide you with corrected foot structure and proper alignment of the knee, hip, and lower back, but they will cushion each step you take and reduce the jarring effect walking has on your entire body. Order today, and you'll begin walking comfortably again without chronic pain!

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Custom-Made Orthotics Impression Kit For This Condition

A set of custom-made orthotics, designed by our Board Certified Podiatrists specifically for this condition, is just $189.90. A foam impression kit will be shipped to you for $44.95. When you order now, you will be billed just $44.95 for the foam impression kit. This amount will apply directly toward the purchase of your custom-made orthotics. Click here to learn more about how our orthotics are made and how they will benefit you.

Order yours from OurFootDoctor.com: $189.90
($44.95 today and $144.95 when you return your molds.) 

Item No.:

Price: $44.95

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