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Custom-Made Orthotics for Back Pain

Custom Orthotics: Description

Description | Custom Orthotics

We have found that custom-made orthotics are effective in providing our body with shock absorption, and in helping to stabilize our feet and lower back.

  • Increased shock absorption will reduce the jarring effect on the lower back muscles, and this will help to reduce muscle spasms and pain. Our custom-made orthotics are designed to absorb the shock created each time we step down, instead of allowing this shock to travel to our lower backs. These custom-made orthotics act much like the shock absorbers on an automobile.
  • Our feet are the foundation of our body. Just as with a building, when the foundation is not straight or it is weak, the building will not stand straight. When this occurs, extreme forces are placed on the building. If our feet are not straight, stable, or they are weak, the lower back will be subjected to abnormal forces. The back muscles will try to compensate and keep the body straight. This compensation will eventually cause the muscles to go into spasm and be painful. Our custom-made orthotics designed for the back will stabilize the feet, and provide the body with a proper foundation. When this occurs, back muscle spasms and pain are reduced. To find out more about our custom made orthotics for back pain, click here.

Custom Orthotics: Custom-Made Sports Orthotics for Back Pain

Description | Custom Orthotics

Custom-Made Orthotics

$179.95 per pair

Click here to learn more
about how our orthotics
are custom-made for you.

Order your orthotics now
from OurHealthNetwork.com:

The advanced technology that is employed enables our orthotics to gently hold the feet in their neutral or normal position, thus stabilizing the feet and legs. This allows the feet to function as the efficient and stable foundation that our body needs; thus the feet, the knee, hip, and lower back are not subjected to abnormal stresses, and they function in their proper alignment. This reduces fatigue, muscle spasms, and pain throughout the entire body, not only the back.

Our orthotics will also provide semi-flexible support to the arch by "giving" to absorb the shock of each step, rather than our foot, knee, and lower back (the orthotic acts in the same way that a shock absorber does on an automobile). When our weight is removed from the orthotic, the arch returns to its original height since the material we use has a built-in "memory."

Finally, by providing increased padding and support for the balls of the feet using materials that mimic the action of our own fatty pads, our orthotics will not only provide comfort, but will also help to prevent stress fractures, joint pain, and callus pain. Order a pair of our Custom-Made Orthotics for Back Pain here.

Due to the thin, comfortable "space age" materials we use in constructing our custom-made orthotics, you usually do not need a bigger size shoe to accommodate these othotics. They should fit in your present shoes.

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