I have to say that you are some of the best customer service-oriented people to deal with that I have ever found. I had several special requests which were met well beyond my expectations. Thanks for the good value and service! - J.B.

Thank you for your prompt help! I am an RN and I really appreciate your Web site. It was more helpful than my own doctor was! I got my order promptly and it looks better than any of the products sold locally. Thanks again! - R.F.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am a nurse and I work 12 hour shifts and am also very active on my feet outside of work. I received my new orthotics today, and they are exactly what I wanted and are perfect for me. Thank you for all of your individualized attention and prompt responses to all of my questions. I already have, and will continue to refer your services. Thank you again for everything. - S.J.

After 5 frustrating months of trying to manage an injury obtained from running (strained calf/Achilles tendons, self-diagnosed), I started to use orthotics from OurHealthNetwork.com. I received the orthotics in early August leaving me just 7 weeks to train for my 29th consecutive Philadelphia Distance Run Half Marathon. While my time wasn't much to write home about, I finished the run comfortably and very thankful for the gift your orthotics gave me - my running legs are coming back. I'm quite certain without orthotics, I would not have run. With your orthotics, I was able to start running immediately after receiving them. They fit like a glove and are only noticeable in their absence. My only regret is having waited so long before getting them. Thank you very much. - A.W.

I received my set of custom-made orthotics about 2 weeks ago. I run an average of 40 miles a week and multiple marathons a year. Recently I had severe foot pain in my heel and arch, and decided to purchase custom orthotics. I must say I cannot believe the difference these inserts make. I went from having severe pain to virtually no pain in a matter of weeks. I also feel like my running stride is much smoother and my feet are striking the ground much softer. I was skeptical about orthotics, but I am convinced after only 2 weeks I will never run without them again. Thank you for the special attention you gave to my orthotics and for bringing the joy back to my training. - R.C. 

My name is Mike Cloud, and I'm a running back for the New York Giants. I ordered three pairs of orthotics from you last year, and I'm very happy with them. I want to order three more pairs now. Thank you! - M.C.

I have been wearing my orthotics for several months and I want to tell you that they were worth every penny for the comfort they have given me. I had tried every other cushioned insert on the market, but I never received the relief that these have given me. I am able to go shopping, work and do lots of projects around my home, without my feet hurting. Please tell OurHealthNetwork that this is the greatest product and well worth every cent. I was so pleased with the first pair that I ordered a second. Thanks again! - K.C.