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Orthofeet BioSole-Gel Self Forming Orthotics Thin-Line Women

Thin-Line:A 1/16" thick orthotic, designed for men's dress shoes and women's casual shoes. What Makes BioSole-GEL The Ultimate In Customer Acceptance? Self-Forming Arch-Support A bladder construction, filled with polyurethane foam and viscoelastic gel, shapes dynamically to the contours of the foot without bottoming out. Thermo-Formable Top-Cover A durable Rubberized EVA foam provides superb cushioning and even pressure distribution of body weight. If necessary, the orthotic can be thermo-formed directly to the foot using a Heat-Gun or a toaster oven. Heel-Pain Relief A deep contoured heel-seat, padded with gel, along with a special recess under the heel alleviate the pressure on the calcaneus and protects the heel against impacts.

Price: $39.50

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