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Small yet powerful (9,000 gauss), 24k gold plated individual magnets. When two or more of these powerful magnets are placed around a painful, inflammed, or swollen area, there is usually a noticeable change in several hours. These magnets are held in place with small band-aids, or adhesive tape. Recommended for: In my practice, I have seen a reduction in pain and swelling for the following conditions: injuries, rheumatoid and osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, heel spurs and plantar fasciitis, joint pain, bunion and hammer toe pain, and muscle pain. I recommend finding the "trigger point" (the most painful spot) and placing two of these magnets around this spot (one on either side). If there is swelling and milder pain at a point away from the "trigger point," place two magnets around this area also. If the pain is on the bottom of your foot, use these powerful healing magnets at night, and during the day use our magnetic innersoles. Magnets should not be used for fractures, nor for the treatment of open wounds, without the consent of your doctor.

Price: $14.00

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