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Aircast Tennis Elbow Armband

We have found that the Aircast Tennis Elbow Armband is a truly effective brace for the treatment of Tennis and Golfer's Elbow, because it allows you to target your specific "pain zone," and treat it with maximum efficiency!

This elbow brace is uniquely effective in alleviating elbow pain for the following reasons:

 -The pneumatic air cell can be positioned to apply comfortable pressure to the exact spot, in order to help reduce your pain. This air cell prevents the forearm muscles from exerting excessive pressure on the medial or lateral epicondyles of the elbow, thus reducing painful movements, but allowing all normal movements.
 -The non-elastic armband's strap is padded with plush foam, making this brace exceptionally comfortable.

Latex Free.

Comes in one size (adjustable band makes it a snap to apply).

Price: $27.00 Each

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