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Refresh Rx Foot and Shoe Powder-Eliminates Foot & Shoe Odors

No More Stinky Feet or Footwear!


· Absorbs and removes odor instantly on contact with your footwear.
· Stinky feet and foot odor are caused by bacteria that live inside our shoes. Refresh Rx kills these odor producing bacteria on contact.
· It dries up moisture that breed bacteria and prevents recurring problems.
· Just give a few shakes into each shoe to distribute powder evenly.
· We recommend applying Refresh Rx daily for the first 7 days and then once a week, or as needed.

How Refresh Rx Works:

All of us sweat from the almost quarter of a million sweat glands in each foot. This sweat contains matter that draws bacteria to the foot and shoe. Bacteria form and thrive in this damp and warm environment. When the bacteria die and break down as all cells do, a foul odor is the result of this decomposition; these tiny microorganisms and the odors are absorbed by your footwear and your socks. As a result, your feet and footwear get that sour, sweaty, stinky, odor that we all dread.

When you apply Refresh Rx Odor Eliminating Powder to the interior of footwear for seven straight days, Refresh Rx will totally eliminate all obnoxious odors in your footwear, socks, and feet.

Not to be applied directly to the foot nor sprinkled on an open wound.

Active Ingredients: Alum, flowers of zinc, zinc undecyelnate and kaolin.

Packaged in 5 Ounce Jars.

Price: $11.99 Each Jar

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