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Active Wrap Hot/Cold Therapy Wrist Wrap

Patented design for targeted relief and comfort….designed specifically for the wrist.

Unique, because it allows the application of heat or cold, while supporting the wrist. Eliminates the need for “rock hard” ice packs and drippy hot compresses!

Features and Benefits of the ActiveWrap Hot/Cold Therapy Wrist Wrap:

  · Designed with comfort and ease of use in mind.
  · Fits the unique contours of the wrist and hand, insuring a comfortable fit.
  · Easy application and simple adjustments    accommodate for both dressings and swelling changes.
  · Quick, no-mess, easy to use. Provides either heat or   cold therapy to the wrist with adjustable amounts of compression and support.
  · The Hot/Cold Therapy System includes:
   o A medical plush compression wrap.
   o Two adjustable soft thermal packs that allow you to   apply either cold or heat to the wrist.
  · Durable, comfortable, and washable.
  · Fits either the right or left wrist.

One size fits most wrists.

Latex Free

Useful in the treatment of:
 · Carpal Tunnel Pain
 · Wrist sprains
 · Arthritis of the wrist
 · Hand injuries

Price: $23.95 Each

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