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Over-The-Counter Items

Swede-O: Inner Lok 8

The Brace That Gives You Inner Strength.


· Super easy strap adjustment for a comfortable custom fit with solid support.
· Exclusive internal figure eight straps are pre-configured to assure proper placement and support.
· Fast and easy application of brace due to pre-configured internal straps.
· Junior ballistic nylon construction with internal laminated foam provides both strength and comfort.
· Thinner than conventional braces makes for a more natural and comfortable feel.
· Breath-O-Prene™ tongue actually wicks moisture away from your skin. This makes the Inner Lok 8 a very comfortable ankle brace.
· Available in black.
· Fits either right or left.

Sizing By Shoe Size:

Sm.:  W: 7 to 9      M: 6 to 7
Med:  W: 10 to 11  M: 8 to 10
Lge:   W: 12 to 13  M: 11 to 12
X-L:   W: 14+        M: 13 to 14

Price: $35.00 Each

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