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Over-The-Counter Items

Silopad Digital Pad (Gel-Cushioing Pads)

These Pads are similar to the Gel-Care Scar Treatment Sheets, except these gel pads are made specifically for the toes and fingers, and are held in place by a comfortable, stretchable elastic sleeve.

The Gel-Cushion Pads are hypoallergenic, and contain medical grade mineral oil that moisturizes, softens, and improves the elasticity of the skin. Old scars will appear less noticeable, and when used on scars that are still healing (like after surgery), they can help to make a significant, permanent improvement in the final appearance of the scar by softening, smoothing, and flattening the scar.

The medical grade mineral oil will also help to relieve the painful itching and burning sensations common with healing scars.

The gel pad not only soothes the scar, but protects it from shoe or adjacent toe pressure, alleviating your pain.

This product is washable, re-usable, and will last for months.

These pads are not to be used on open wounds.

10055 Little Toe
10075 Big Toe
10065 Other Toes

Price: $3.75 Each Pad

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