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DARCO: Medical-Surgical Shoe

After surgery, your foot and ankle specialist will prescribe a medical- surgical shoe. These shoes help to protect the foot and reduce pain when walking. Darco is the industry leader when it comes to the designing and manufacturing of these shoes.

Darco's Medical-Surgical Shoe is constructed with comfort and protection in mind. The sole is semi-rigid and limits bending of the foot, while Darco’s breathable mesh upper conforms to bony abnormalities of the foot. The heel is made with a reinforced heel counter and a padded heel collar to stabilize the rear foot and reduce slippage. Extra-long straps accommodate even the bulkiest dressings.

While your surgeon may prescribe one shoe, having a second one comes in very handy for the following reasons:
1. Because of the ridged non-skid surface of the sole of the shoe, outdoor dirt embeds itself in these ridges. Rather than cleaning the sole each time you walk into the house, changing into an extra, or an “indoor” medical-surgical shoe is important. This will allow you to protect your foot indoors, as well as keep your home clean.
2. The thickness of the sole and heel of this shoe is about 1¼ inches. If you do not wear a shoe on the other foot with this height sole and heel, you will cause the good leg to be a bit short. Walking with a short leg may produce hip and lower back pain. Having a second medical-surgical shoe that would be worn on the “good” foot will keep you more comfortable.
3. Sometimes it just looks better to be wearing the same style shoe on both feet, even though they are medical-surgical shoes; you look nicer in what you are wearing, and feel better about going out.

Men's Small-      6 to 8
Men's Med - -  8.5 to 10
Men's Large - 10.5 to 12
Men's X-Lge-  12.5 to 14
Women's Sm--       4 to 6
Women's Med-     6.5 to 8
Women's large-- 8.25 to 10
Women's X-Lge- Order Men's Large

Shoe Will Fit Either Right or Left Foot.

Price: $13.75 Per Shoe

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