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CMO Roll Block Ankle Support

We have found this Ankle Support to be quite unique, in that it simulates athletic taping. This feature alone makes this Support effective. Most doctors agree, that taping an ankle provides the most effective support for the ankle. You can now get this same support without the messy adhesives and sprays needed to keep tape on the skin. Also, this Support can be re-used over and over without a loss in its efficiency.

How it Works: The Roll Block Ankle Support has two straps. Each strap can be adjusted to provide just the amount of supprt that you need.
· The Lateral Strap resists inversion, or a twisting in of the ankle and foot.
· The Medial Strap provides arch support and stability to the foot and ankle.

. Excellent for prevention of recurrent injuries.

This Ankle Support is made of DermaDry bracing material. The advantages of this material are:
(1) It retains soothing warmth in the soft tissues, keeping them flexible, which helps with healing and also helps to prevent furtherinjury.
(2) It is lined with KwickWick treated polyester to help evaporate perspiration. This makes it cooler and more comfortable than taping the ankle.
(3) Provides just the amount of comfortable compression that you need and want.

This Ankle Support is durable, comfortable, easy to apply to the foot and ankle, and fits inside the shoe. Specify right or left. One size fits all.

Price: $20.50 each

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