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Over-The-Counter Items

Juzo 2061 Silver Knee Length AD 20-30mmHg

• More Silver: Juzo® Silver compression garments offer an exceptionally high amount of silver. Our unique knitting process results in over 20% of the garment being comprised of X-Static®-The Silver Fiber™.
• Graduated Compression: Juzo® Silver graduated compression garments are manufactured to be accurate and consistent within the designated compression range, meeting the highest standards in the industry.
• Advanced FiberSoft™ Technology: Juzo® Silver garments feature the advanced technology of Fibersoft™. In this unique process, every elastic fiber is micro-spun with soft protective threads, providing greater product comfort, durability and effectiveness.
Juzo Silver Applications

• Wound Care: Juzo® Silver aids in the treatment of venous stasis ulcers and other skin wounds, by assisting circulation, impeding the growth of bacteria and keeping the area cool for healing.
• Burn Scar Treatment: Juzo® Silver assists in scar reduction, protects the healing tissue from infection and keeps the wound and surrounding area cool.
• Lymphedema: In addition to maintaining reduced edema, Juzo® Silver compression garments reduce the risk of skin infections which are common with lymphedema.
• Dermatology: Juzo® Silver garments provide a cooling and soothing effect over areas of skin irritation.

Price: $70.00 each

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