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The Brr…Paw Dressing and Cast Protector is designed to completely cover and protect the foot and ankle during the healing process. It works regardless of the injury or surgical procedure that the foot and ankle have undergone. This “Uniquely Effective Protector” will:

• Keep the foot and ankle warm. You will not need to cut out socks or make “booties” in order to cover and warm exposed toes and feet.
• The Brr…Paw’s silver aluminum inner lining helps to promote a clean, dry, padded atmosphere that lends itself to good healing.
• The Velcro closure allows easy application to the foot. Unlike a large sock, when putting the Brr…Paw on the foot, the bandages and injured tissues will not be disturbed.

There is no other product that offers these features along with ease of use!

What makes this product so unique is that the material in the toe lining is a self-insulating or heating material that provides warmth to exposed toes and forefeet. Keeping the foot warm when going out in cold weather has been a challenge up until now. Now, allow the Brr…Paw to give you warmth, comfort, and protection!!!

The Brr…Paw is made of 100% Polyester, with a silver-aluminum inner lining. Latex free, and machine washable. We have found that the Brr…Paw easily:

• Fits in all post-operative shoes, walkers, and removable cast boots (you do not need a larger size shoe when using the Brr…Paw)
• Fits over the foot when the foot and leg are in a cast


Men’s Shoe Sizes: 6 ½ to 8 ½ and Women’s Shoe Sizes: 5 ½ to 8 ½ Order a size Medium Brr…Paw
Men’s Shoe Sizes: 9 to 13 and Women’s Shoe Sizes: 9 to 13 Order a size Large Brr…Paw

Price: $21.95 each

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