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XeroSox HALF ARM Below elbow and hand coverage.

The XeroSox is Completely Watertight Keeping your Bandages, Prosthesis, and Casts Dry. The XeroSox Pro Pump offers the only leg and arm cast protection in the world with the patented vacuum seal to keep your bandage or cast dry. It is so completely and totally waterproof, between the waterproof fabric and the vacuum seal, that you can even dive off a diving board or ride the ocean waves and still have your cast stay completely dry. The XeroSox shower cast cover fits snugly yet comfortably offering cast protection during a shower, a bath, and even an active swim. Unlike "modified garbage bag" products, the cast protection offered by the XeroSox shower cast cover is unmatched, it cannot slip off. You can't even pull it off!

Allows Postoperative Hydrotherapy XeroSox shower cast cover is also used for immediate postoperative physical therapy, allowing hydrotherapy right after surgery, which helps prevent swelling and stiffness and aids in a speedy recovery.

A Reliable PICC Line Cover If you have PICC (Peripherally inserted central catheter) you know the area around where the PICC is inserted is prone to infection. You may find that using the XeroSox as a PICC line cover when showering or swimming helps to keep bacteria and other contaminates away from the vein the PICC is inserted in. With a XeroSox PICC line cover, you can keep the area around the vein completely dry whether you are in the shower or the ocean.

Quick and Simple Prosthesis Protection If you have a prosthetic arm or leg you may find it quicker and simpler to use XeroSox as a waterproof prosthetic cover than to remove your prosthesis. Also, with your lower extremity prosthesis in place, protected by the XeroSox waterproof prosthetic cover, you may now be able to stand comfortably in the shower, a pool, or the ocean.

The XeroSox waterproof fabric is rugged. The waterproof fabric is made of durable high quality surgical latex. The special Non-Skid Grid™ protects the sole and helps prevent slipping. The Built-In Pump not only creates the vacuum seal but also works as a gauge showing that the vacuum is intact and cannot leak. So go ahead, GET WET … STAY DRY!

How To Get Measurements for the Waterproof Cast Cover
ARM: Measure from the tip of the middle finger to the top end of the cast or prosthetic. If the cast goes above the elbow, follow the bend of the arm.

Choose a XeroSox waterproof cast cover that is at least 2 inches LONGER than your measurement.

Don't worry if the XeroSox Pro Pump waterproof cast cover is too long. The excess material of the cast sock will flatten down when the air is pumped out.


ARM: Measure the circumference of the arm just above the cast or bandage (If the end of the cast is very close to the elbow, measure mid bicep.)

Choose a XeroSox waterproof cast cover that is at least 1 inch SMALLER than your measurement.
To create a good vacuum seal the opening of the cast sock needs to be smaller than your limb

Price: $35.00

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