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Dr. Siegals Savvy Nail Kit - Geisha Delight

Do You Know Who Was Sitting In your Salon Pedicure Chair Before You?!!!
Chances are, you don't. It may surprise you to know that the following health risks are associated with nail salons.......

Fungal infections such as athlete's foot and yellow fungal nails. Bacterial infections such as Staphylococcus and other organisms mandating oral antibiotic treatment. Viral infections including plantar warts and even hepatitis B and C.

Dr. Carolyn Siegal, Beverly Hills podiatrist, medically advises you to safeguard yourself by bringing the Dr. Siegal's Savvy Nail Kit to each of your pedicures. By utilizing your savvy new nail kit, with the included tub liner, you can be certain that you are the only one using your nail instruments. After each nail treatment, keep your kit contents clean by wiping down the instruments with the antiseptic/germicidal towelette.

Just keep the Kit tucked away in your glove compartment or purse, and you will always be prepared when you are on the go! You owe it to yourself to continue your weekly pampering pedicures without the worries of contagious diseases. Protect yourself... in style!!

For those who enjoy doing their own pedicures, these kits will help give you professional results. After all, "having the right tools is half the battle in doing any job right!" They also make wonderful Mother's Day and birthday gifts!

Price: $49.99

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