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Dr Josephs Diabetic Foot Care

People with diabetes are at an increased risk for foot infection, and are prone to develop foot ulcers that can become infected and possibly lead to amputation. Good foot hygiene, daily inspection, and frequent sensory examination are important.
The Diabetic Foot Care Kit provides all the necessary tools for foot, ankle, and lower leg hygiene and inspection. Because it is easy to use and requires no bending or stretching, this Kit is also recommended for people who suffer from arthritis, back pain, and who are over-weight.
The Dr Joseph's Diabetic Foot Care Kit provides all the necessary tools for foot hygiene, inspection and care of the foot, ankle and lower leg. All accessories snap easily into a handle that measures 22 inches long.

Dr. Joseph's Diabetic Foot Care Kit Features:

ï 22" long handle that fits all attachments
ï Adjustable foot inspection mirror
ï Two small sponges for cleaning between toes or applying medication
ï Large sponge for general cleaning
ï Monofilament to test nerve sensation of the foot
ï Wrist strap is included

Price: $44.90

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