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Removable Cast Boot or CAM Walker

This device immobilizes the leg, ankle, and foot just as a below-the-knee plaster cast would; however, unlike a plaster cast, this cast boot can be removed, and it is very comfortable. It extends from just below the knee to the toes. It allows the injured person to stand and walk, while protecting the Achilles Tendon and allowing it to "rest and heal," thus keeping you mobile and active, while reducing pain. The cast boot/walker's outer shell is made of sturdy fiberglass and thermoplastic materials. The inside is well padded with thick, durable foam rubber which is encased in a comfortable sleeve designed to fit and protect the foot and leg. The inner sleeve can be easily removed and washed, keeping the cast boot/walker clean and fresh. The boot/walker is kept in place by well padded velcro straps. It will last for years, and can be worn on either foot/leg, allowing you to re-use it for any future injuries such as ankle sprains, foot sprains, toe fractures, etc.

Price: $98.00 see sizing

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