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Over The Counter: Shoe Inserts

Dr. Jills Arch Steppers (Arch Supports)


EF Premier Pure Gel Insoles

Orthofeet BioSole-Gel Self Forming Orthotics Soft

Orthofeet BioSole-Gel Self Forming Orthotics Sport

Orthofeet BioSole-Gel Self Forming Orthotics Thin-Line

OrthoFeet Womens Bio-Sole High Heel Dress Inserts

Powerstep Metatarsal Relief Pads

Powerstep® Arch Boosters® Extra Support For Those Who Need It

Powerstep® Full-Length support and comfort from heel to toe

Powerstep® SlimTech® ¾ Versatile support for a “sure fit” in a broad range of shoes

PPT Metatarsal Pads

Spenco PolySorb® Cross Trainer 38-034

Spenco ThinSole™ Orthotics 3/4 Length 43-240

Spenco ThinSole™ Orthotics Full Length 43-307

SPENCO® Arch Cushions 3⁄4 Length 44-123

SPENCO® Metatarsal 42-416

Spenco® Orthotic Arch Supports 3/4 length 43-158

Spenco® Orthotic Arch Supports Full Length 43-042

SPENCO® Slip-In Insoles 40-212

superfeet DressFit for Men Dress Shoes

Superfeet DressFit for Women Flats & Casuals

Superfeet DressFit Inserts Women High Heels

Superfeet Junior Synergizer Blue - For casual and athletic shoes, recommended for soccer

Superfeet Junior Synergizer Green - For hiking, running, skiing and work boots. Our most popular footbed

Superfeet Synergizer Black - For mens casual and golf shoes.

Superfeet Synergizer Blue - For casual and athletic shoes, recommended for soccer

Superfeet Synergizer Green Superfeet For hiking, running, skiing and work boots.

Superfeet Synergizer Grey - For cycling road shoes , all ice skates, and Womens lower heeled shoes

Superfeet Wintergreen: skiing, snowboarding, hunting, hiking, and outdoor work

TuliGEL - Classic Gel Heel Cups
 Ankle Pain/ Sprain 
 Corns and Hammertoes 
 Dry and Cracked Skin 
 Foot Odor 
 Heel Pain 
 Medical Information - Foot and Ankle 
 Plantar Fasciitis 
 Toe Nail Problems 
 Wound Care -Traditional 
 Wound Care Monthly Packs 

 Additional Items:
 Bandages, Dressings, & Tapes 
 Cast & Bandage Covers 
 Creams, Lotions, and Pedicure Products 
 Felt and Foam Pads 
 Foot Care and Shoe Aids 
 Gloves, Masks, and Shoe Covers 
 Hot/Cold Therapy 
 Magnetic Therapy 
 Post-Surgical Healing Products 
 Shoe Inserts 
 Silicone Pads 
 Support Stockings and Socks 
 Wrist and Hand 

 Active Ankle 
 Active Wrap 
 Dr Jill's Foot Pads 
 Medline - Tapes, Gauze, and Band-Aids 
 Medline Gloves and Masks 
 Royce Medical 
 Swede-o - Thermoskin 

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