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Obesity and The Legs

Overweight and obese people frequently experience tired and achy legs, which often swell the more they are up on them. The legs "feel like they weigh a ton," and it is an effort to take just one more step. There is nothing more devastating to an exercise program than persistent fatigue and achiness of the legs!

These symptoms are usually due to a slow-down in the blood flow in the legs, and a slow return of the blood to the heart. Research has shown that graduated support socks will not only reduce leg pain and discomfort, but will also help reduce mild ankle swelling (edema) by lessening the build-up of fluids in the ankles and legs. Support stockings support and compress the veins, which helps get your blood moving up the legs and back to the heart for better blood circulation. By increasing blood flow back to the heart and reducing pressure on the veins, these stockings will also help to prevent and treat venous symptoms and varicose veins.

The support socks that we recommend have just enough mild compression to make your feet, ankles, and legs "feel good," without being difficult to get on. With 15 to 20 mmHg of compression, these knee high socks will give you an amazing amount of relief from your discomfort. Being pain free will "help to keep you in the game." Our support socks will allow you to actually enjoy walking and exercise! Should symptoms persist, see your doctor.

Sigvaris Support Socks For Women and Men:

In our 30 years of dealing with obesity and leg pain, our research has provided us with what we consider to be the near perfect support sock for the following reasons:

" Sigvaris Support Socks offer a mild, comfortable, graduated compression to increase circulation and bring relief to the symptoms of tired, aching legs and mild swelling.
" Choosing the right size is a snap. These comfortable support socks are sold according to your shoe size. There are no confusing measurements that you must make.
" These knee-high socks are made of 66% cotton (for both men and women). This makes putting them on, and taking them off, easy... even if you have arthritis of the hands!
" These socks are soft, and are made with a breathable knit which is comfortable, durable, light weight, and wash easily (machine or by hand).
" The 66% cotton blend keeps these socks from becoming warm and uncomfortable. The cotton helps to keep you cool, unlike most other support socks that contain excessive quantities of synthetic materials.
" Stylish-appearance: socks can be worn for sports, casual, or business dress.
" Colors: brown, black, and white.



$20.95 per pair

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