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Custom-Made Orthotic Sandals & Clogs


How long has it been since you've been able to wear sandals? Send us your favorite pair of sandals and we'll rebuild them with OurFootDoctor.com custom-made orthotic footbeds!

How are they custom-fit?

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 Custom-Made Orthotic Sandals & Clogs
Let us rebuild your favorite pair
of sandals with orthotic footbeds!

Our board-certified podiatrists have successfully treated thousands of patients with custom-made orthotics since 1971. But as anyone who wears orthotics knows, they can only be worn in enclosed shoes (dress shoes, tennis shoes, dock shoes, etc.). Since they are inserts, traditional orthotics and sports orthotics will slide out of open shoes like sandals.

OurFootDoctor.com can now take any pair of sandals you own and rebuild them with custom-made orthotics in each shoe's footbed. With our orthotics built-in, your sandals will provide all the same benefits and relief as our traditional custom-made orthotics and sports orthotics.

How do we custom-fit your sandals? We begin by sending you a foam impression kit, which allows you to make accurate molds of your feet—easily and cleanly—in a matter of minutes from the comfort of your own home. Your foam impression kit will also include a self-examination form that allows you to describe your condition(s) and the pain you suffer from. Click here to learn more about how our Custom-Made Orthotic Sandals and Clogs are custom-fit. Once you make your molds, you will send them back to us along with your sandals.

We can rebuild your favorite pair of sandals that are in moderately worn condition (as long as they're not "falling apart"), or you can purchase a brand new pair and ship them to us along with your molds. When you get them back, they'll look exactly the same—except OurFootDoctor.com orthotics will be built inside each shoe's footbed!


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Custom-Made Orthotic Sandals - Your Sandals

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Send us your sandals to rebuild with orthotic footbeds!

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Price: $44.95

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