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How Much do Custom Orthotics Cost?

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How much do custom orthotics cost? | Why choose OurFootDoctor.com? | I'm ready to order now! 

Our special impression kit includes easy instructions, a self-examination form designed by our board certified podiatrist, and a self-mailing carton.

Rushed to you Priority Mail


 A set of custom-made orthotics, designed under the supervision of Dr. Kasdan, is just $184.95. A foam impression kit will be shipped to you for $44.95. When you order now, you will be billed just $44.95 for the foam impression kit. That amount will apply directly toward the purchase of your custom-made dance orthotics. When you return your impression kit along with your self-examination form, you'll be asked to pay the remaining $140 with a check or credit card.

Since orthotics are medical devices, they may be tax deductible — but only with a receipt indicating that the orthotics were custom-made, which we will provide. Our receipt will also contain information you can submit to your health insurance company (some policies will reimburse you for custom-made orthotics).

We use the very best materials and orthotic laboratories, yet because of volume sales we're able to sell professional orthotics for less than half that which you would pay in a doctor's office!

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