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Custom-Made Orthotic Sandals & Clogs

Our special impression kit includes easy instructions, a self-examination form designed by our board certified podiatrist, and a self-mailing carton.

Rushed to you Priority Mail


Having custom orthotics made for you has never been simpler. To help you take the first step toward pain relief, we will send you a special foam impression kit. Our kit includes easy instructions and allows you to take impressions of both your feet quickly and cleanly. Also included is a self-mailing carton to return your impressions to us.

Simply place your feet in the impression material and hold still for approximately 10 seconds. Also included is a comprehensive questionnaire so our podiatrist, with 30 years of practice experience, can get to know your feet and activites. Dr. Kasdan will personally analyze each and every kit and questionnaire that's returned to us. In a matter of days, custom-made orthotics--which will relieve your unique foot problems--will be made for you under the supervision of our foot doctor. Our expert shoemakers will then seamlessly embed them into your sandals.

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