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Custom-Made Orthotic Sandals & Clogs

with OurFootDoctor.com Custom-Made Orthotics
Embedded in Each Shoe's Footbed

If you want to enjoy that great "freedom-from-shoes" feeling, and treat your feet, knees, and back to round after round of pain-free golf, than treat yourself to a pair of Bite® Golf Sandals with our built-in custom-made orthotics! These sandals and custom-made orthotics are doctor-designed and worn by golfers who play at every level.

In the world of sports shoes and sandals, Bite® is recognized and respected for the quality and ingenuity of its products. The board certified foot and ankle specialists at OurFootDoctor.com have been designing custom-made sports orthotics since 1971. Our doctors have designed orthotics for all levels of sports enthusiasts—from professional and Olympic athletes to amateur "weekend warriors."

By combining the world's best sports sandals with the expertise of our board certified foot and ankle specialists, we can offer you comfort and freedom as you have never experienced before! After being in confining shoes all day at work, what better way to enjoy your favorite leisure activity than with a pair of our sandals that can relieve foot, leg, knee, and back pain.

The Road to Comfort Begins with Bite® Golf Sandals and
Our Doctor-Designed Custom-Made Orthotics:

  1. Bite® Golf Sandals were designed by professional golfers. Each sandal is made using the finest materials, with ingenious protective and supportive extras added.

    1. The Upper Portion of the Sandal is Constructed of:
      1. Amphibious water-resistant full-grain leather or lightweight and quick-drying Durahide. Ensures long-lasting durability.
      2. Neoprene lining for added comfort and fit.
      3. Patented X-Cross strapping system for firm support and stability.
    2. The Outersole of the Sandal is Constructed of:
      1. Dynamic Fast Twist Bitespikes for extra traction and quick replacement. Provides excellent traction and support when walking on uneven surfaces and during your "swing."
      2. Wide outsole base for strong swing stability.
      3. Multi-directional traction teeth are added for additional traction. Helps to keep you from slipping on moist, grassy surfaces.
      4. Patented Toe Guard for superior toe protection. A thoughtful and unique addition to a sports' sandal.
      5. Sculpted midsole for added stability and support around the foot.
      6. Midsole water channels for water and sand drainage.


  2. OurFootDoctor.com constructs each pair of our custom-made golf orthotics from scratch—just for your feet! The process begins when you order our Foot Impression Kit.
    1. From the molds of your feet which you make with our Impression Kit, and the information you provide us, our doctors and certified orthotic technicians will design for you a pair of custom-made golf orthotics that will relieve pain, give you unprecedented support, and allow you to enjoy round after round of golf!
    2. Your custom-made orthotics are then fitted seamlessly into the style and color Bite® Golf Sandals you have chosen.
    3. As an added benefit, our custom-made orthotics can be easily moved from one pair of Bite® Sandals to another; just slip them out and transfer them.

All that's left is for you to get out there and play.
See what real enjoyment golf can provide!

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