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Pamper Your Feet

5001 $29.95 SOLD OUT
(includes shipping!)Do your feet have the winter blues? New from OurFootDoctor.com: Relief for dry, cracked and aching feet.

Winter weather can wreak havoc on your sensitive feet — especially for those who are active in winter sports like skiing, skating and holiday shopping! For relief, Dr. Kasdan recommends treating your feet to a bit of pampering. Our foot pampering kit includes all the items you'll need to soothe sore tootsies:

Tea Tree Oil Foot Repair Balm- Dr. Kasdan's favorite foot care lotion is super rich, with nourishing emollients that sink deep into skin, healing and hydrating dry, damaged feet without a greasy feel. Natural botanical extracts, including the traditional soothers aloe vera and chamomile, are added for optimal relief.

Moisturizing Foot Socks- When worn over our Tea Tree Oil Foot Balm, these socks soften and repair feet overnight. They work with your body temperature to seal in and ease penetration of emollients, gradually softening hard skin and calluses. Cotton (90%) and lycra (10%) blend "breathes" to keep feet cool and comfortable. One size fits all.

Wooden Foot File- Dr. Kasdan recommends relieving pain from rough patches of skin and calluses with this wooden foot file. The two-sided gritty surface is rough enough to polish away the most troublesome spots, but will not irritate skin.

Foostie Foot Brush- Clean feet are happy feet! The bristles on this brush sweep away dirt and debris on the soles, nail bed, and between the toes. Foot-shaped wood base is perfectly proportioned for easy grip and maneuvering.

Our foot pampering kit also makes a great gift . We'll be happy to enclose a gift card with your kit.

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