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Naot Custom-Made Orthotic Sandals and Clogs


Now Featuring OurFootDoctor.com Custom-Made
Embedded in Each Shoe's Footbed

Naot is the leading manufacturer of comfortable and stylish daily wear and dress sandals in the world. They offer customers a unique combination of quality, comfort, and fashion. Naot provides a personal touch to each and every sandal they manufacture.  By using the finest and highest quality raw materials combined with superior standards of advanced design, comfort and style are guaranteed.

OurFootDoctor.com is the Internet's leading provider of custom-made orthotics for sandals and clogs. Since 1999 we have been making and seamlessly embedding custom-made orthotics into sandals and clogs. Now you can benefit from true orthotic therapy in today's fashionable sandals and clogs…you don't have to give up comfort to be ""stylish.""
The board certified foot and ankle specialists at OurFootDoctor.com have been designing custom-made orthotics since 1971.   
By combining the world's best casual and dress sandals with the expertise of our board certified foot and ankle specialists, we can offer you comfort and freedom as you have never experienced before! After being in confining shoes all day at work, what better way to enjoy your favorite activities than with a pair of our sandals that can relieve foot, leg, knee, and back pain.

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Naot Sandals and Clogs
for Women with
Custom-Made Orthotics


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Naot Sandals and Clogs
for Men with
Custom-Made Orthotics

The Road to Comfort Begins with Naot Sandals/Clogs and

Our Doctor-Designed Custom-Made Orthotics:

Naot Sandals and Clogs:

A. Naot blends the art of fashion and the science of comfort to create healthful, comfortable, and fashionable shoes,  boots, clogs, and sandals for men and women.
B. Since it's creation Naot has been guided by two basic and essential principles: we offer solutions, and we promise trust.  Our superbly crafted products demonstrate our response to the compelling need for healthful, comfortable, and fashionable footwear.

C. All Naot sandals and clogs are handmade, using the finest Italian leathers, nubuck, and suede materials.
D. Naot sandals and clogs are designed to provide maximum comfort and stability to the feet and entire body.
E. Each sandal and clog is lightweight, durable, and easy to maintain.
Our Custom-Made Orthotics:

OurFootDoctor.com constructs each pair of our custom-made orthotics for sandals and clogs from scratch—just for your feet! The process begins when you order our Foot Impression Kit.

  1. From the molds of your feet which you make with our Impression Kit, and the information you provide us, our doctors and certified orthotic technicians will design for you a pair of custom-made orthotics that will help relieve pain, give you unprecedented support, and allow you to enjoy hours of carefree walking.
  2. Your custom-made orthotics are then fitted seamlessly into the style and color Naot Sandal or Clog you have chosen.
  3. As an added benefit, our custom-made orthotics can be easily moved from one pair of Naots to another; just slip them out and transfer them.
All that's left is for you to get out there and "Enjoy!"
See what real enjoyment can feel like!

Click here to order
Naot Sandals and Clogs
for Women with
Custom-Made Orthotics


Click here to order
Naot Sandals and Clogs
for Men with
Custom-Made Orthotics





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