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Magnetic Therapy

If you're being hindered either at work or at play by tired, achy feet, OurFootDoctor.com has a solution! Medical magnets have revolutionized the insole category by combining magnet therapy with performance proven comfort technology.

Theory of how medical magnets aid healing:
A recent study at Baylor University found that medical magnets work by increasing the flow of blood to injured or painful areas. Blood contains iron, hydrogen, and oxygen. These elements have an electrical charge, thus are magnetically active. By placing medical grade magnets around painful areas, more blood is drawn to these sites. Increased blood flow brings increased amounts of oxygen and other healing substances to reduce pain, swelling, and inflammation.

Magnetic power is measured in "gauss." The higher the gauss, the more power a magnet has. The medical magnets I recommend all have a magnetic power of at least 800 gauss. I have not found magnets with lower gauss values to be effective for my patients.

Medical magnets we recommend:
For foot and ankle pain, our medical grade magnets are not only powerful, but are easy to use and inexpensive (less powerful magnets on the Internet are being sold for 2 to 3 times our prices). As a practicing podiatrist I recommend the following products, as I have used them in my own office:

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ACU-MAGNETS 4 per order

Item No.:

Price: $12.00

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FOAM INSOLES With MAGNETS - Each With 8 Medical Grade 800 Gauss Magnets.

Item No.:

Price: $14.95

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