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Fungus Nail Infections - Doctor Recommended Products

Nail Fungus (Onychomycosis):
Cures that really work. Doctor tested and recommended products and treatments for fungus infections of the toenails. Save on the same name brands doctors prescribe.
The sooner treatment is begun, the faster the nail will return to normal. Topical medications, or those applied directly to the nail, are most effective when the infection has not:
  • Grown under the proximal nail fold (click here for information about The Anatomy of the Nail).
  • Produced a thick and deformed toenail
Oral medications may produce some serious side effects, and it is for this reason that your doctor may insist that you try Topical medications first. We have found that the following Topical Medications are uniquely effective in the treatment of fungal nail infections 

PediNova III Electric Nail and Foot Care Kit - professional grade instrument that thins, shapes, and smoothes thick, hard, deformed toenails; and, removes dry, hard, callused skin.  Easy-To-Use, with everything you need to make skin and nails look and feel good.  Click here for more information.

Tripod NailStat Anti-Fungal Treatment - a unique treatment for fungal infections of the nail and nail bed (onychomycosis) on toes and fingers. The cream's unique formula kills fungus and promotes the growth of healthy new nails. Click here for more information.


Tineacide Antifungal Cream With Toenail Cutter (Blaine Labs) - Many doctors and pharmacists now recommend Tineacide over any other tropical product or oral prescription drug. Tineacide is a medically proven, non-prescription cream that absorbs quickly to kill the fungus that can infect fingernails and toenails. Click here for more information.

ClearZal BAC With Nail Care Kit - Yellow, discolored nails can look great again with ClearZal BAC Nail Care Kit! This specially formulated solution helps treat nail infections safely and kills fungus and bacteria on the skin and around the nail edge. ClearZal includes an antimicrobial ingredient plus organic Aloe Vera to soothe and moisurize. Nail file included.  Click here for more information.

Dr. Smith's Toenail Fungus - Tea Tree Oil has been referred to as "the wonder from Down Under."  has a deep penetrating power, which aids in the destruction of nail fungus and restores hygiene. This is critical as the fungus infects the root of the nail bed, as well as the surface. Tea tree oil has been proven to be a powerful yet natural antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal medicine (essential oil).  Click here for more information.


Pedinol Fungoid Tincture With Miconazole Nitrate 2% -
is a topical antifungal solution used by doctors to treat fungal infections of the skin and nail beds since 1925. The active ingredient in Fungoid Tincture, Miconazole, effectively destroys and inhibits the fungus that causes skin and nail bed fungal infectionsClick here for more information.


NonyX Nail Gel - clears out discoloring keratin debris under the nail. Apply to dark or yellowed nails. Nail discoloration is actually keratin debris build-up under the nail. NonyX Nail Gel breaks down and removes this yellow or darkened build-up and keeps nails looking clear and attractive with regular use.  Click here for more information.

Pedifix FungaSoap Cleansing Wash - Naturally Washes Away Fungus, Bacteria, and Foot Odor. Contains Tea Tree Oil.  Helps destroy the fungus and yeast that cause Athlete's Foot, Nail Fungus. and Foot Odor.  Click here for more information.


SteriShoe®Ultraviolet Shoe Sanitizer Doctor Tested and Recommended - a safe and effective way to sanitize the inside of shoes.  The new SteriShoe® shoe sanitizer kills the germs that reside inside your shoes with an ultraviolet light (UVC). In only one 45 minute treatment, you can destroy up to 99.9% of the microorganisms in shoes, including the bacteria and fungi that cause foot odor, toenail fungus, and athlete's foot. Click here for more information.


Dr.'s Remedy Enriched Nail Polishes - Protects Nails From Fungal Disease. Dr.'s Remedy Enriched Nail Polishes appeal to health-conscious women, including pregnant women, because it removes the potentially harmful additives found in most commercial nail polishes. Created, tested, and prescribed by doctors. Click here for more information.

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