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Ask Our Doctor About: Children's Foot Problems

The questions on this Website have been answered by Board Certified Foot and Ankle Specialists associated with OurHealthNetwork.com. The foot and ankle physicians and surgeons in this group have a combined 100 years of practice experience. The information and opinions expressed below should not be viewed as diagnoses and treatments, but rather as information to help you understand your foot or ankle related problem. All medical problems should be diagnosed and treated by a foot and ankle specialist in your state, or your family doctor. 

Subject: Surgically correcting flat feet

"Can you tell me about a procedure to correct flat feet by surgically placing implants in the ankle joint? My son is 8 years old and this procedure has been recommended by his podiatrist. The problem is that I have tried to get a second opinion and none of the other doctors I contacted ever heard of the procedure, and some even laughed when I explained it. I hope you can help. Thank you!"
Dr. Kasdan's response: "The procedure for the correction of flat feet that I am familiar with involves placing metallic or silicone implants into the sub-talar joint, not the ankle. The sub-talar joint is located below the ankle joint, between the talus and heel bone. This surgery has a relatively long recuperation period. I suggest that you discuss this surgery with your son's pediatrician before he undergoes the procedure."

Subject: Sever's Disease

"Can you explain what Sever's Disease or Syndrome is? I am told my teenage daughter suffers from this."
Dr. Kasdan's response: "Sever's Disease is an inflammation of the growth plate (epiphysis) of the heel. It causes a separation of tissue on either side of the growth plate. It is usually caused by intense and repetative sports activities, such as running long distances and frequent jumping. Treatments may include: rest, physical therapy, custom made orthotics, and in some cases, doctors will sometimes place the patient in a non-weight-bearing cast."

Subject: Pronation

"My son's feet are very flat and it appears he is walking on his ankles. What treatment will be called for?"

Dr. Kasdan's response: "Pronation is a rolling out of the foot at the ankle, so that you walk more on the inner border of the foot. When pronation is severe, it appears that you are walking on the inner ankle bone. Both flat arches and pronation are frequently treated with custom-made orthotics. I suggest that you discuss this problem with your son's doctor, and ask for a referral to a foot and ankle specialist for a consultation. These problems can be treated, and the results may be dependent on the age of the patient when treatment is initiated."

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