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Ask Our Doctor About: Toes

The questions on this Website have been answered by Board Certified Foot and Ankle Specialists associated with OurHealthNetwork.com. The foot and ankle physicians and surgeons in this group have a combined 100 years of practice experience. The information and opinions expressed below should not be viewed as diagnoses and treatments, but rather as information to help you understand your foot or ankle related problem. All medical problems should be diagnosed and treated by a foot and ankle specialist in your state, or your family doctor. 


Subject: Hammertoes

"What is a hammertoe, and what is the surgical procedure to remedy it?"
Dr. Kasdan's response: "Hammertoes are the result of deformed toe joints, tight tendons that attach to the toe, and misaligned toe bones. The usual appearance of a hammertoe is a toe bent upward at the middle toe joint, so that the top of this joint rubs against the top of the shoe. The remainder of the toe is bent downward so that, instead of the entire toe bearing weight, only the tip of the toe bears weight. Pain can occur on the top of the toe, the tip of the toe, or in both areas. There are many surgical procedures used to correct hammertoes, but most involve the removal of a portion of the phalanx (a toe bone), at a joint; and repair of the joint and tendons. This procedure is called a partial phalangectomy and arthroplasty. Click here for more information about hammertoes."

Subject: Corns

"I have several corns on my feet, and as a remedy I used Dr. Scholl's liquid corn remover. It removed the corns but left a dark ring on the exterior part of the area where the corns were. Now there is a dark circle around the circumference of the corns. Do you know what I can do to rectify this? Thanks so much!"
Dr. Kasdan's response: "You may have sustained a chemical burn that caused your skin to discolor. I suggest that you show the discoloration to your family doctor. Click here for further information about corns. "

Subject: Raised Toes

"On both feet, my fourth toes are raised above the other toes. They have been this way since birth. What is this called and can surgery correct it? Also, can this lead to other foot problems?"
Dr. Kasdan's response: "In my opinion, surgery should only be performed on toes to eliminate pain. Usually, the feet adapt to congenital birth patterns, and frequently people will not develop other problems because of congenital toe deformities. One of the most common congential toe problems is called "overlapping toes." Surgery can sometimes correct these problems; however, not everyone is a candidate for foot surgery. If you have further questions I suggest that you discuss them with your family doctor."


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