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Sports Orthotics: Cross Trainers

These sports orthotics will be custom-made for your particular needs and the activities in which you participate! Based on the activities you identify, Dr. Kasdan will take elements from each orthotic style described above and blend them into a pair that will serve your needs most effectively. He can also incorporate support for football, volleyball, fencing, wrestling, climbing, and a variety of other sports. These are perfect for serious cross trainers, as well as for individuals who compete more casually in a variety of activities. Please specify your activities in the comments box on checkout.

Learn how we fit you with a pair of custom-made sports orthotics for cross trainling.

I'm Ready To Order

A set of custom-made sports orthotics for Cross Training, designed under the supervision of Dr. Kasdan, is just $189.90. A foam impression kit will be shipped to you for $44.95. When you order now, you will be billed just $44.95 for the foam impression kit. That amount will apply directly toward the purchase of your custom-made sports orthotics. When you return your impression kit along with your self-examination form, you'll be asked to pay the remaining $144.95 with a check or credit card.  

Product Number:  90009
Price: $44.95 / per kit

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