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Sports Orthotics: Golf

Golf is a sport that places a great deal of stress and abnormal forces on the back, the lower extemities, and the feet and ankles. Golf requires you to swing your golf club, and walk some distances on uneven surfaces. Both of these activites can cause the body pain. The golf swing forces the entire body to rotate as if it were one unit, rather than what it is: many individual joints, muscles, and bones working together in various degrees of harmony. If the body is firmly and properly supported by our feet and ankles, then the structures above will work more harmoniously together, and function as a pain free unit. However, if the feet cannot provide our body with a stable foundation or support—because of fatigue, pain, or biomechanical defects such as pronation—then all of the body's joints, muscles, and bone alignments are forced into abnormal positions. When this occurs, the knee, hip, back, and neck are forced to endure abnormal stresses which cause inflammation, fatigue, and eventually pain. Our body can be compared to a building; if the foundation of a building is not straight and strong, the upper floors will tilt and eventually crumble due to the abnormal forces they must bear. Our body's joints, and especially our back (the vertebra and disks), will begin to crumble (degenerate and subluxate) when the body's foundation (our feet) are not capable of providing the proper support. How well we are able to walk on uneven surfaces also depends on the ability of the feet to support our body properly, and how well they protect us from injuries, such as ankle sprains. When the feet are not in a neutral position, and do not line-up properly with the leg at the ankle, then we will experience frequent injuries, fatigue, and pain. Again, pronation is the most common cause of the feet's inability to function properly when walking on uneven surfaces.

How Our Custom-Made Orthotics Work: The advanced technology we employ enables our orthotics to gently hold the feet in their neutral or normal position, thus overcoming biomechanical defects (our orthotics can help to correct these defects). This allows the feet to function as the efficient and stable foundation that our bodies need; thus the knee, hip, back, and neck are not subjected to abnormal stresses, and they function in their proper alignment. This reduces fatigue and pain throughout the entire body. Our orthotics will also provide semi-flexible support to the arch by "giving" to absorb the shock of each swing and step, rather than our foot (the orthotic acts in the same way that a shock absorber does on an automobile). When your weight is removed from the orthotic, the arch returns to its original height since the material we use has a built-in "memory." This action will help to prevent plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, arch pain, and lower back pain. Finally, by providing increased padding and support for the balls of the feet using materials that mimic the action of our own fatty pads, our orthotics will not only provide comfort, but also help to prevent stress fractures, joint pain, and callus pain.

Increase Your Endurance and Efficiency: OurFootDoctor.com's custom-made sports orthotics can increase your endurance and efficiency, and help to prevent back and neck pain. They will also help to reduce injuries to the feet, ankles, shins, knees, and hips. If you want to be a more competitive golfer, and really enjoy the sport, our custom-made orthotics can help you!

I'm Ready To Order

A set of custom-made sports orthotics for golf, designed under the supervision of Dr. Kasdan, is just $189.90. A foam impression kit will be shipped to you for $44.95. When you order now, you will be billed just $44.95 for the foam impression kit. That amount will apply directly toward the purchase of your custom-made sports orthotics. When you return your impression kit along with your self-examination form, you'll be asked to pay the remaining $144.95 with a check or credit card.

Product Number:  90005
Price: $44.95 / per kit

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