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CMO Epi-Lock Tennis and Golfer Strap

This uniquely designed Tennis and Golferís Elbow Strap is more effective and comfortable than conventional supports. Here ís why, Two Straps Are Better Than One: Epi-Lock's unique forearm strap supports the extensor tendons that are deeply buried in the arm, while the elbow strap provides support for the tendons as they attach to the elbow. Thus, the painful and tender tendons are supported both distally (at mid-forearm) and proximally (near the elbow). Double straps mean exceptional support and pain relief.

Always Comfortable...With Protection On Demand!

Epi-Lock is light in weight, won't slip, and completely washable. Can be worn on the right or left arm. Color is Beige

Sized by circumference of largest part of forearm

Product Number:  1310
Price: $21.95 / each
Sale Price: $16.95 / each

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