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Thermoskin Comfort Arthritic Knee Wrap:

We have found this brace to give remarkable comfort to sore, stiff, and swollen arthritic knees! It is made of a unique Trioxon layered material that captures, retains, and then disperses the natural body heat to the arthritic knee joint. This brace will retain body heat yet allows the skin to "breathe," keeping the skin dry and comfortable. This brace works in 4 ways to help reduce arthritic pain and stiffness, while supporting the knee:

• increases the blood flows to the damaged tissues and so speeds up the healing process
• provides light compression to counteract tissue swelling
• allows your skin to ventilate and remain well oxygenated and therefore comfortable
• supports weakened tissues

This effective arthritis brace wraps around for easy application and positioning. It secures with hook and loop closure, providing a snug, comfortable fit. Machine or hand wash and air dry. Universal right and left. Latex free.

To determine your size: Bend the knee slightly, and measure the circumference of the knee just under the kneecap.


Product Number:  1306
Price: $31.50 / each

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