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Stromgren Double Strap Ankle Brace

The Stromgren Double Strap Ankle Brace helps to reduce Posterior Tibial Tendonitis pain by providing some stability to the foot and ankle, which in turn reduces the abnormal pull of the Posterior Tibial Tendon on the foot. When the pull is reduced, so is the pain.

The nylon/lycra sock of the Stromgren Ankle Brace comfortably supports the ankle and the Posterior Tibial Tendon. Additional stability and support is provided with the two attached straps that are wrapped in opposite directions around the ankle, and are held in place with hook and loop fastners.

This is a thin, low bulk brace that will fit in most styles of footwear with a low heel.

Fits either the left or right ankle.

Size is determined by measuring the circumfrence around the ankle.

Available Sizes:
X-Small (6-7")
Small (7-8")
Medium (8-9 1/2")
Large (9 1/2"-11")
X-Large (11"-12")
XX-Large (11 1/2"+)

Product Number:  1350
Price: $23.00 / each

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