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Ossur Formfit Neoprene Hinged Knee Support - Collateral Ligament Knee Brace

Our Collateral Ligament Knee Brace has been found to be very effective in all phases of treatment of Collateral Ligament Injuries. We recommend this brace for the following reasons:

• it is effective in reducing pain and swelling
• it provides superior stability to the knee and injured collateral ligaments
• this brace allows comfortable weight-bearing, by preventing only those knee   movements which will cause pain and swelling
• it is easy to apply to the knee
• it is open behind the knee, in the popliteal region, which prevents rubbing and irritation. 

This neoprene brace has medial and lateral steel hinges for superior stability and protection. The steel hinges are well padded for your comfort. If the patella (knee cap) is also painful, this brace features a removable rubber donut which can be shaped to give comfort and support to the patella. The neoprene wrap design provides theraputic warmth and comfort to the entire knee.

To determine your size: Measure the circumference of the middle of the patella (knee cap).

Size Measurements


 Small  11 1/2" - 13"
 Medium  13" - 14 1/2"
 Large  14 1/2" - 16"
 X-Large  16" - 17 1/2" 
 XX-Large  17 1/2" - 19"


Product Number:  1024
Price: $67.95 / each
Sale Price: $62.95 / each

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