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Amazing Insoles - Liquid Filled Massaging Insoles

These Glycerin Filled Shoe Insoles help provide the comfort and relief you don’t get with traditional shoe insoles or inserts.  When you wear Amazing Insoles you’re walking on soft glycerin, not the hard ground.

Like walking on water!

What are they:
Amazing Insoles help relieve pain associated with long periods of walking and standing. Glycerin filled shoe insoles have a proven record of helping to relieve foot, ankle, leg, hip, and lower back pain. 

Every liquid filled insole contains just enough liquid glycerin to gently form to your foot giving you arch support, shock absorption, and relief from callus and ball of foot pain.

The gentle massaging action of the glycerin helps to stimulate blood flow in your feet and legs reducing fatigue and soreness while standing or walking on hard surfaces.

Amazing glycerin filled shoe insoles are approximately 1/8 inch thick and fit most shoes. Our special covering absorbs moisture and can be hand washed to refresh the insoles.

How they work:
The liquid glycerin inside the insoles is self-leveling: your foot actually FLOATS on the liquid glycerin.  With each step, the glycerin is evenly distributed under your feet filling in the low pressure areas and protecting the painful high pressure areas. This redistribution of pressure, or your body weight, makes each step you take a delight! 

Features and Benefits:  

  • 100% Pure Liquid Glycerin.
  • New design provides extended life and more Glycerin. Liquid Filled Massaging Insoles. 
  • Can be worn with any closed back shoe. Just follow the trim guide in the toe area to trim your insoles to the perfect length for a custom fit. 
  • Thin design allows you to place our insole over your shoes standard insole or orthotic.
  • Works great whether you have foot pain or just want to be comfortable!
  • Relieves Foot Pain. 
  • Relieves knee and hip pain.
  • Redistributes weight and takes abnormal pressure off of the lower back. Relieves Back Ache.
  • Velvet material and Liquid Glycerin cools your feet. 
  • Our Therapeutic Massaging Insoles have a revolutionary design that allows your foot to float on top of the liquid Glycerin as you walk giving you a constant foot massage. Because liquid is self leveling, your entire body weight will be distributed evenly across the entire surface of your foot relieving pressure on your feet, knees, and back.

Product Information:

  • The manufacturer offers a LIFETIME warranty on their insoles’ material and construction.  All insole warranty claims will be handled by the manufacturer.

  • The fluid inside the insoles is 100% pure Liquid Glycerin that is FDA approved.
  • These insoles will not make your feet feel hot. Amazing Insoles will cool your feet in the summer. The Glycerin absorbs heat from your feet and decreases perspiration.
  • You can wash your Amazing Insoles in cold water in the washing machine. Make sure not to machine dry! Only air dry.

Order by shoe size:

Women's Sizing:

X-Small fits 4.5-6.5
Small fits: 7-8
Medium fits: 8.5-10
Large fits: 9-10.5

Men's Sizing: 
Small fits: 7.5-9
Medium fits: 9.5-11

Large fits: 11.5-13
X-Large fits: 14-16

Product Number:  10414
Price: $29.95 / Pair

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