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Ossur Leaf Spring AFO

Comfortable, lightweight, low profile AFO provides support for flaccid drop foot while fitting in most shoe styles.

The Ossur Leaf Spring AFO is a low profile, polypropylene ankle-foot-orthoses, designed to support flaccid drop foot. Its new low profile, energy return design makes it more flexible, efficient, and comfortable than traditional models.
This AFO features a rigid vertical support in the rear for good lifting capacity, along with a thinner, more flexible foot section. The foot section can be trimmed to the desired shape and size with a pair of scissors. Also, because of the open heel and ankle design, there is no need to heat or trim plastic around the ankle.
Lightweight polypropylene and the absence of a heel section makes the Ossur AFO Leaf Spring comfortable to wear, and provides an excellent fit in most men's and women's shoes.

AFO Leaf Spring Benefits and Features:
  • Injection-molded polypropylene.
  • Variable thickness throughout the orthosis insures comfort.
  • Lightweight, low profile design eliminates skin irritation on the sides of the  ankle.
  • Rigid vertical rear support helps store and transfer energy to assist foot clearance.
  • Good lifting capacity.
  • Thin and flexible foot section that can be easily customized for a comfortable fit…easy to trim with a pair of scissors, offering good fit for most types of shoes.
  • Absence of heel section for improved comfort.

Indicated For Drop Foot Secondary To:

  • Drop foot secondary to Cerebral Vascular Accident (CVA).
  • Mild drop foot secondary to other neurological pathologies.

Recommendation: Discuss the use of this, or any AFO, with a physician before purchasing.

The Leaf Spring AFO works best with an orthotic placed on top of the flat foot plate. Doctors recommend the use of these orthotics with this AFO: Powerstep Medical Grade Orthotic, Orthaheel Relief Full Length Insole, and Spenco Orthotic Full length Arch Support.

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AFO Sizes: Available in two sizes: 10 1/3" and 12" height. Choose left or right.

Generally, people 5'8" and shorter should choose the 10 3/4" model; 5'9" and taller (or people with a larger build) should choose the 12" model.

 Height  Leg  Size
 10 3/4"  Right  Small/Medium
 10 3/4"  Left  Small/Medium
 12"  Right  Large
 12"  Left  Large


Product Number:  10420
Price: $80.99 / Each

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