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Orthaheel Relief Full-Length Orthotic Insoles

Provides outstanding shock absorption and comfort for those who stand or walk for long periods of time.

Orthaheel orthotic insoles are podiatrist-designed to provide outstanding shock absorption, while comfortably realigning the foot to reduce excess pronation, so you can walk pain free. The built-in Tri-Planar Motion control technology features a uniquely contoured arch and a deep heel cup design that helps improve stability and provides effective relief from plantar fasciitis, flat feet, heel pain, pronation, arch pain, tired-achy feet, knee pain, back pain and aching legs. So you can stand taller, walk longer!

Effective all-day
comfort for casual and work shoes.

The cushioned shock dot in the heel provides added shock absorption. The cut-away on the outside edge makes it easy to fit into most men's and women's flat or low heeled shoes, or shoes without removable insoles. The comfortably cushioned, built-in rear foot wedge helps provide support and control, which helps prevent excess pronation. The EcoFresh anti-bacterial odour cover eliminates unpleasant smells. Each insole is contoured around the heel and arch areas to achieve 100% foot contact.

Features and Benefits:

  • Podiatrist-designed as a cost-effective alternative to custom-made orthotics.
  • Doctor recommended to support and cushion the foot.
  • Designed for everyday use: fits all types of men’s and women's fashion and casual footwear.
  • 4 degree rearfoot wedge helps align the foot and reduces mild pronation (foot rolling inward) without overcorrecting.  
  • Orthaheel's Tri-Planar Motion Control system provides biomechanically designed support and stability to help regain dynamic foot function.
  • Features heel pad for increased shock absorption.
  • Soft 100% polyester microfiber topcloth has EcoFresh® earth friendly microbe shield technology to help safeguard against odor-causing bacteria.
  • May trim front of insoles with a scissors for a customized fit.

Doctor Recommended For:

  • Plantar fasciitis.
  • Heel spurs.
  • Pronation.
  • Arch pain.
  • Tired-achy feet.
  • Knee pain and aching legs.
  • Lower back pain.

Save by ordering Orthaheel orthotic insoles here.

Shipping within the continental United States:

  • available within the continental United States only
  • we do not ship to P.O. Box addresses
  • standard shipping only (2nd day and next day not available)

Click here for shipping information outside the continental United States

Sizing Recommendation: Order by women's and men's shoe sizes..

Order by women's and men's shoe sizes.
 Order  Women's Shoe Size  Men's Shoe Size
 X-small  4 1/2 - 6  
 Small  6 1/2 - 8  5 - 7
 Medium  8 1/2 - 10  7.5 - 9
 Large  10 1/2 - 12  9.5 - 11
 X-Large    11 1/2 - 13


Product Number:  10304
Price: $29.99 / Pair

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