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Orthaheel Women’s Dress Slimfit 3/4 Length Orthotic Insoles

The ideal product for aching feet and legs.

Designed to fit all types of women's fashion footwear, including high heel shoes and boots.

Orthaheel Women's Dress Slimfit 3/4 Length Insoles provide cushioning comfort and all-day relief from "ball of foot" pain caused by wearing shoes with minimal support.

This dual density insole was designed by a podiatrist to support the foot around its neutral position via a comfortaly angled rearfoot that correctly aligns the metatarsals, thereby providing effective relief from Ball of Foot pain, as well as painful bunions, Morton’s neuroma, and calluses.
The Slimfit's 3/4 length and lower profile provides forefoot comfort and "disappears" under foot. Made with an ultra-soft anti-bacterial odor absorbing cover for added comfort, and an adhesive dot at the bottom to prevent sliding in high heels. So comfortable and versatile, you'll love the way these insoles feel!

Features and Benefits:
  • 2 degree rearfoot wedge helps align the foot and reduces mild pronation (foot rolling inward) without overcorrecting.  
  • Doctor recommended to support and cushion the foot.
  • Antibacterial fabric cover fights odor-causing bacteria.
  • Low and narrow profile is designed to fit into high heel shoes and boots, sandals, and dress flat shoes.
  • Adhesive dot on bottom keeps insole in place.
  • May trim front of insoles with a scissors for a customized fit
  • Material Content: polyurethane, Sorbon, nylon.

Doctor Recommended For:

  • Ball of foot pain (metatarsalgia)
  • Calluses
  • Morton's neuroma
  • Bunions

Save by ordering Orthaheel Women's Dress Slimfit Insoles here.

Shipping within the continental United States:

  • available within the continental United States only
  • we do not ship to P.O. Box addresses
  • standard shipping only (2nd day and next day not available)

Click here for shipping information outside the continental United States

Sizing Recommendation: Order by women's shoe size.

Product Number:  10300
Price: $27.99 / Pair

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