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Arch Angels Childrens Comfort Insoles

Doctor Designed Children’s Insoles (prefabricated orthotics) that comfortably:
  • Maintain children’s feet in a neutral position.
  • Stabilize the feet and ankles.
  • Support the developing arch.

Arch Angels insoles (prefabricated pediatric orthotics) help ensure proper arch and foot development.

Made of comfortable, semi-flexible materials.

Use To Treat Children's:

  • Flat feet
  • Pronation
  • Supination
  • Arch and heel pain
  • Feet that easily tire

How Arch Angels Work:

Children’s feet are not like adults. Children are born without an arch. The arch that is so prominent in an adult’s foot develops over the first eight years of a child’s life. Arch Angels are posted to a neutral position, with a deep heel seat, both of which are utilized to limit pronation and supination (click here to see pictures of pronated and supinated feet). Additional control and comfort is achieved through our patented P.A.D. (progressive arch design) which incorporates specific arch heights and amount of support based on the child's particular weight, height, and level of activity seen for most age groups.

Features and Benefits:
  • These comfort insoles can help with the normal development of the arch and the foot. A comfort insole places your child’s foot in the proper position to encourage it to develop properly.
  • A child’s foot is not like an adult’s foot; initially the arch of a child’s foot is flat and gradually develops over time. The height of the arch in Arch Angels™ increases with each size, providing natural support for your child’s growing needs.
  • Arch Angels uses a unique triple layer design to insure maximum comfort. These insoles are semi-flexible, not hard and rigid. They provide the support your child needs without using hard and uncomfortable materials:
    • Cushioned foam top layer
    • Supportive inner core
    • Durable, kid-friendly foam bottom
  • ArchAngel’s are ¾ length. This design allows these insoles to fit comfortably in most enclosed shoes


                                          Pronation                         Supination

Order by shoe size. 

 Order  Shoe Size
 X-Small  Toddler shoe size 6 - 8
 Small  Toddler shoe size 9 - 10
 Medium  Toddler shoe size 11 -12
 YS  Youth size shoes 13 - 1
 YM  Youth size shoes 2 - 3

Arch Angels will take up additional space inside the shoe; therefore, it may be necessary to move up a half-size shoe to accommodate their cushioning support.

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Product Number:  2980
Price: $20.99 / Pair
Sale Price: $18.95 / Pair

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