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DARCO: Ortho Wedge Healing Shoe

The Ortho Wedge Healing Shoe was specifically designed to protect the forefoot by removing most of the pressure from the ball of the foot and toes during weight-bearing. This unique design makes the OrthoWedge an outstanding post-operative shoe for use after surgeries to correct:
†-Tailor's Bunions
†-most other forefoot deformities.

It is also a natural for the treatment of diabetic ulcerations on the ball and toes of the foot. Ask your doctor if this shoe is right for you.

Sizing is by shoe size:

OW0B X-Sm.: W 4 - 7
OW1B Sm.:††† W 7.5 - 10  M 6 - 8
OW2B Med.: Men 8.5 - 10
OW3B Lge.:† Men 10.5 - 12
OW4B X-L.:† Men 12.5 - 14

Shoe Will Fit Either Right or Left Foot.

Product Number:  1253
Price: $38.54 / Each Shoe
Sale Price: $29.95 / Each Shoe

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