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Darco Body Armor Toe Guard

The Body Armor Toe Guard is made of hard, durable ABS Plastic that withstands blows and strikes to the toe region. The Guard is easily applied by removing the EVA insole of your post op shoes and applying the adhesive backed product to the inner sole of the shoe, then placing the EVA insole back into the shoe.

Special Features:

  • Made of hard ABS.Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene plastic withstands blows and strikes to the toe region in everyday situations.
  • Side wings can be bent/molded to conform to wider or more narrow foot sizes.
  • Adhesive backing stays strong and secure in shoes for patient comfort and security.
  • Two models are available:
    • Round Toe Guard fits all round toe post operative shoes. 
    • Square Toe Guard fits Darco square toe shoes and walkers.

The product has not been approved for use by OSHA. It is not intended as a protective device in industrial situations.

Universal (can be used for either the right or left foot). Color of product is charcol.

Sizing: Order either Men's or Women's size.

  • Men's size will accommodate men's shoe sizes 6 - 14
  • Women's size will accommodate women's shoe sizes 4 - 10

Product Number:  1219
Price: $11.06 / Each

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