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DARCO: Heel Wedge Shoe

The Heel Wedge Shoe was designed to significantly reduce pressure on the heel when weight-bearing. This patented design comfortably allows the wearer to place the great majority of his/her weight on the arch and ball of the foot, thus protecting the heel. It has a locking ankle strap for secure and safe ambulation.

The Heel Wedge is an outstanding post-operative shoe for use after surgeries to correct heel spurs, plantar fasciitis, and heel lesions.
Comfortably redistributes weight off of the heel and on to the arch and ball thus protecting the heel.

It is also ideal for the treatment of ulcerations, infections, and trauma of the heel.

Order by Shoe Size: 

 Order Size   Women's Shoe Size   Men's Shoe Size
 HQ0B  X-Small  4 - 7  
 HQ1B  Small  7 1/2 - 10  6 - 8
 HQ2B  Medium  10 1/2 - 13  8 1/2 - 10
 HQ3B  Large    10 1/2 - 12
 HQ4B  X-Large    12 1/2 - 14

Shoe Will Fit Either Right or Left Foot.


Product Number:  1251
Price: $36.32 / Each Shoe
Sale Price: $22.95 / Each Shoe

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