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RecoverIce Ice Wrap Bandage (Size Medium)

RecoverIce is an Ice-Wrap bandage that provides cooling and compression with No Refrigeration necessary! Great for situations where on-the-spot cold compresses are needed.. RecoverIce stays cool for up to 2 hours.

  • RecoverIce provides combined cooling with compression. Its unique wrap-around effect provides a complete cooling from all angles.
  • RecoverIce needs no refrigeration.

  • RecoverIce is easily accessible. It can be carried in your kit bag, or your running or cycling pouch.

  • RecoverIce is ready-to-use.

  • RecoverIce can be used on most parts of the body and allows you to stay mobile.

Benefits of Using Recoverice Instant Cold Compression Wrap:

  • Single use; ready to use without refrigeration.

  • Cold increases progressively for 10 minutes from application for fastest pain relief.

  • Wrap remains comfortingly cool over an hour - longer than ice packs, gels, sprays.

  • Contains soothing arnica and menthol.


  • Remove RecoverIce bandage from packaging and lightly squeeze out excess fluid.
  • Wrap RecoverIce around the usage area, overlapping the edges by 15mm (Overlap blue lines).
  • Tuck the RecoverIce bandage in at the top to secure.
    Leave uncovered to allow evaporation.
  • For optimal results, and if comfortable, leave RecoverIce on for over an hour.

Available in:

  • Medium size treats: ankles, knees, calves, wrists, and elbows
  • Large treats:  legs, arms, back, and shoulders  (click here to order size large) 

Product Number:  595
Price: $3.50 / Each

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