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SOS Safe Salon Pedicure Kit REFILL

SOS Safe Salon Pedicure Kit REFILL

Refill Kit for the: SOS Safe Salon Pedicure Kit (Product # 30300)

Refill Kit Includes:

  •  All natural tea tree and lavender Sole Savior Essential Oil 
     Moisturizer 15ml
  •  Nail brush
  •  Nail file/ buffer with 7 graduated surfaces 
  •  Pumace sponge
  •  Toe separators
  •  Orange stick
  •  New snappy sliding tray case for all tools
New Zealand tea tree essential oils and Bulgarian lavender essential oil are formulated in a vitamin rich rice bran and olive base. For centuries, the Maori people indigenous to the East Cape of New Zealand have used naturally antimicrobial manuka and kanuka oils. Sole Savior Essential Moisturizing Oil cleans, softens and soothes naturally.
SOS Safe Salon Pedicure Kit REFILL

Product Number:  30302
Price: $18.00 / Each
Sale Price: $12.95 / Each

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