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Disc-O-Sit Balance Cushion is a dome shaped cushion trusted by thousands of trainers and therapists that helps improve posture and balance – Aids in development of dynamic balance, stabilization, & proprioception.  Also used to enhance muscle strength and development.


  • Inflatable disc allows for postural training while seated and balance training while sitting or standing
  • Easily inflates to desired levels
  • Ideal for both children and adults
  • 15" diameter 
  • Versitile. lightweight, & easy to use
  •  Useful for training to strengthen muscles, ligaments & joints
  •  Develops dynamic balance, stabilization & proprioception
  •  Provides moderate instability without fear of injury.
  •  Made of soft pliable latex-free PVC vinyl that is virtually indestructible 
  •  Professional-quality
  • Uses:  
    • Sitting: Add to any seat to mimic the movement and shape of an exercise ball. The dynamic motion produced by the Disc O Sit Balance Cushion switches the stress from your lower back to your abdomen. This increases the strength of your lower abdomen and back muscles reducing your risk of back injury. When used sitting, the Disc O Sit Balance Cushion can improve body alignment.
    • Standing: Unlike traditional wooden boards, the Disc O Sit Balance Cushion provides maximum instability to enhance balance training and core muscle development on an uneven surface. Strengthen back and lower extremity muscles.


Product Number:  39995
Price: $38.25 / Each

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