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Thermoskin Plantar FXT 8234

Plantar Fasciitis is painful enough; the treatment shouldn't cause additional irritation.  The Plantar FXT is the ideal alternative to cumbersome Night Splints.  The Plantar FXT is easy to apply, low profile and comfortable to wear.  

  • Alternative to cumbersome night splints
  • Pulls the toes back, comfortably stretching the Plantar Fascia
  • Made of Thermoskinýs patented Trioxon lining, the Plantar FXT increases the subcutaneous skin temperature (2-3° F) allowing for optimal heat therapy and blood flow to the tissue
  • The spiral structure of the Trioxon lining lifts moisture away from the skin and traps air within the lining to prevent excessive perspiration

Shoe size:
Product Number:  1305
Price: $39.95 / each
Sale Price: $37.95 / each

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