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Superfeet Berry For Women-For walking, running, and prolonged standing

Superfeet Synergizer Berry- Recommended For Industrial and athletic footwear with removable inoles. Perfect For:
1. Extended periods of standing on hard surfaces.
2. Enjoying running, walking, and hiking.
3. Ideal for women's feet with medium to high arches.

Designed with a new Forefoot Shock Pad. Provides maximum cushioning, protection, and support for the balls of the feet. 

Superfeet Berry Offers Women Soothing Comfort For:
1. Calluses
2. Metatarsalgia (metatarsal pain)
3. Seed corns
4. Tender skin and bones in the balls of the feet

The Synergizer Berry Footbeds have the most advanced features built into them for maximum support, balance, comfort, and shock absorption. These features include:
· Berry insoles are made for those who stand for long periods of time or are active and feel any 
  foot soreness after activity or a long day.
· High-volume insoles take up extra volume in footwear, making them ideal for loose-fitting shoes
  or narrow feet.
· Topsheets are treated with Agion™ to help inhibit odor-causing bacteria.
· Full-length closed-cell foam provides cushioning, while 3/4-length polypropylene heel caps
  stabilize  feet inside boots.
· Deep heel pockets, rockered bottoms and strategically placed new forefoot shock pads allow for
  natural  shock absorption.
· New self-moldable metatarsal domes sit precisely where needed to provide cushion and
  alleviate pressure.
· Superfeet recommends this style for use in footwear with removable insoles; also suitable for
  Gore-Tex  footwear.

Trim to fit. Easy fit instructions included.

Product Number:  10404
Price: $44.95 / Pair
Sale Price: $40.95 / Pair

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